Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Era of wasteful spending is over, Buhari tells universities

President Muhammadu Buhari addressing World Leaders at the 71st General Assembly of United Nations in New York 7000/21/9/2016/ICE/HB/BJO/NAN
President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday said that the era of wasteful spending was over and advised Nigerian universities to plow available resources into teaching, research and productive activities.
The president, represented by Chiedu Mafiana, Executive Director at the National University Commission, spoke in Ilorin at the 32nd convocation of the University of Ilorin.
According to him, it is the expectation of government that in the near future, universities should be self-reliant and provide substantial portion of their needed funds.
Mr. Buhari also said that the government was deeply concerned about developments in the nation’s universities.
“Government is uncomfortable that our citadels of learning which should be training grounds for probity, social justice and decorum have become havens for gross indiscipline, cultism, sexual harassment, immorality, indecency, violence, unnecessary demonstrations and all forms of anti-social behaviours,” he said.
Source: PremiumT